Since its establishment in 2009, Shenzhen Hilink Electronics has been committed to the research, development, production, sales and service of IoT smart home WIFI module products. At present, it has provided smart WIFI modules, micro power modules and products One-stop solution for connected smart products from cloud to end. The company has a strong R & D team and technical force, and its products have obtained a number of national patented technologies, setting a new milestone for China's smart home industry.

After eight years of development, on the one hand, Hilink Electronics focuses on product technology research and development, focuses on product quality and integrity services, and maintains strategic cooperation with the world's top network chip manufacturers, actively integrates and utilizes its high-quality technical resources, and creates enterprise product core technology competition ability. On the other hand, it has continuously strengthened the construction of marketing channels, established a sound marketing network and service system, and provided customers with better localized services. We sincerely invite high-quality companies to join Hilink, and work with us to share, grow, and win-win together.

The advantages of Hilink


Technology mature

Professional because of focus. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has been focusing on serial WIFI module research and development. The company's research and development team has many excellent software and hardware engineers with many years of development experience. They have strong development capabilities and strive for product development excellence. After more than eight years of accumulation and precipitation in the technology field, at present Hailingke's products have been verified by many projects and industry applications, and have reached a high level of maturity in technology.


With its rich experience accumulated in various industries and applications for many years, Hilink can provide customers with one-stop intelligent product solutions to solve their worries. On the one hand, it can provide secondary development and optimization of product modules according to customer's product application solutions, and can provide customers with OEM customized services, from simple logo customization to in-depth function customization. The overall product solution has mature experience. In addition, we can also provide client private cloud and client APP development. Fully meet the different needs of customers, make customers' choices more diverse, and help customers build their own product brands and solutions.

User word of mouth is good

At present, more than 10,000 corporate customers have chosen Hilink's intelligent WIFI module and intelligent product overall solutions. The company's brand, products and services have been recognized and trusted by customers. Good word of mouth is a good brand, that is, recognition of products and services. Customer evaluation is always the most impartial and objective. The recognition and praise of so many customers is a comprehensive reflection of the company's strength, product quality, service quality and other aspects.

Complete qualifications

The company is a national high-tech enterprise and listed company of Qianhai Equity Center. The product has obtained various national patent certificates, copyright certificates, and passed FCC / CE / UL and other international certifications. Complete qualifications prove that the company's strength and product quality have been recognized by professional organizations, marking that the company has established a scientific and complete process and management system in the entire process of product development, production, sales and service. The service is trustworthy.

Excellent technical support services

Hilink provides customers with high-quality technical support services, can timely respond to and resolve customer service needs, flexible service methods, and comprehensive service content can provide customers with faster and better technical services, reducing the difficulty of customers using products, Improve the efficiency of product research and development, so that customers have no worries. In addition to providing product-related technical information and technical documents for common problems, technical engineers at the company's headquarters provide one-to-one technical support services.

Service time: 7 * 24 hours
Service methods: provide remote telephone, QQ technical assistance, and equipment joint adjustment; according to the actual needs of customers, on-site technical support can be provided to assist in solving technical problems.
Service content: answer technical questions during product use, cooperate with customers to conduct product testing, and provide technical guidance for the module and customer product solutions.

Agent support


Hailingke Electronics' investment promotion agent in the country is to fully integrate the resource advantages of agents, to create a good market environment and comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. Hilink Electronics focuses on product research and development and service support, continuously creates more competitive products in the market, and provides agents with better products and services. Hilink will provide comprehensive support to agents in the following areas:

(1) Provide comprehensive product, service training and technical support for agents;

(2) Provide agents with various materials such as product manuals, related certificates, and debugging tools;

(3) Assist agents to follow up major projects and provide corresponding personnel and technical support;

(4) Cooperate with the formulation of regional product marketing plans, and cooperate with Party B to do product promotion and sales activities;

(5) Set up a special agent technical service team.

Agent application conditions


(1) A legal enterprise with independent legal personality, with good conditions for consultation and commercial reputation;

(2) Possess sales experience of smart home / electronic products or regional resources, have good market awareness and pioneering spirit;

(3) Sufficient staff strength to conduct business, requiring at least 1 salesperson and 1 technical support engineer;

(4) Agree with our business philosophy and values, and have the confidence and ability to ensure the implementation and achievement of sales goals.

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