2015 Hailingke Midyear Tourism

Time: 2020/1/13 17:56:16     Author: 海凌科    Source:海凌科

Actively responding to the working atmosphere of combined work and rest, and at the same time in return for the hard work and dedication of colleagues to the company, Hailing Branch held mid-year tourism activities on July 17, 18, and 19; Feelings, strengthen collective cohesion, and create a healthy and positive corporate culture atmosphere.


During the tour, all colleagues helped each other, united and loved each other; everyone actively participated in the interactive activities, and the whole team presented a healthy, positive, and young face; each interaction became lively and changed because of your active participation Must be delicious


You use actions to explain your understanding of youth, passion, and dreams;



互动 停不下来!


激情你我 阳光团队 奔跑吧 海凌科!!祝愿我们的团队能够永远这么阳光、永远这么积极!

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