Shenzhen launches information technology development plan

Time: 2020/1/13 17:56:16     Author: 海凌科    Source:海凌科

Shenzhen has recently issued the "Shenzhen New Generation Information Technology Industry Revitalization Development Plan (2011-2015)", which has made strategic deployment for Shenzhen to accelerate the establishment of an important global new generation information technology industry base and regional innovation center.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission told reporters that according to the plan, by 2015, the scale of the new-generation information technology industry will reach more than 1.2 trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%, and the added value will account for more than 20% of the city's GDP. Become an important global new-generation information technology industry base and regional innovation center.

——Technical innovation. Cultivate and develop a number of technology-leading internationally renowned enterprises and research institutions, significantly improve the integration and transformation of major scientific and technological achievements, master a number of core key technologies, and increase the annual average number of invention patent applications by 15%. Industry-wide R & D investment accounted for 7% of sales revenue. More than 150 new national, provincial and municipal engineering laboratories, key laboratories, engineering (technical) research centers and enterprise technology centers were newly built, and more than 200 research and development projects were organized and implemented.

——Industrial agglomeration. Layout and construction of 5 to 10 industrial bases and agglomeration areas with obvious advantages and leading roles, forming a complete industrial chain and industrial clusters with distinctive features. There are 4 companies with annual sales income (operating income) exceeding 100 billion yuan, and 10 companies with annual sales revenue (operating income) exceeding 10 billion yuan.

--network construction. Build an internationally advanced information and communication infrastructure to achieve broadband access anytime, anywhere, and on demand. The city's household broadband penetration rate reached 90%, and fiber-to-the-home reached 2 million households, which basically achieved broadband access capabilities of 100M households. The commercialization of TD-LTE started. The next-generation Internet-based large-scale commercialization based on IPv6 has established a security guarantee system and an autonomous and controllable information security service system that are suitable for the development of next-generation information networks.

-Application promotion. More than 80% of e-commerce companies have implemented large-scale and standardized development of e-commerce, taking the lead in establishing a national e-commerce demonstration city. The Internet of Things demonstration applications in key areas have yielded fruitful results, mobile Internet applications are basically popular, and the scale of software services and information services is leading in the country. The degree of integration of the three networks is at the forefront of the country. The pilot demonstration of innovative development of cloud computing services has achieved remarkable results.

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