Ningxia Telecom Completes First Fiber-to-the-Home Village

Time: 2020/1/13 17:56:16     Author: 海凌科    Source:海凌科

A few days ago, after 10 days of careful construction, the engineering and technical personnel of China Telecom Ningxia Company successfully completed the fiber-to-the-home construction project in Erdaogou Village, Linhe Town, Lingwu City. 43 rural households connected to the fiber-optic broadband network, and the village became a veritable one. The first village of Ningxia by fiber optics.

Erdaogou Village, located in Linhe Town, Lingwu City, is an immigrant village. In October last year, households of land relocation and relocation moved to new villages one after another. In May of this year, the size of the community was initially formed. There are 74 households in the first phase of Erdaogou Village. The household income is relatively high, and the villagers are very urgent to obtain television and external information. Considering the fact that Erdaogou villagers have a particularly concentrated Internet access situation, China Telecom Ningxia decided to use wired FTTH fiber-to-the-home and wireless WIFI technology to provide villagers with fixed-line, mobile phone, wired, wireless broadband access, and Internet TV. service. At present, China Telecom Lingwu Company has completed the installation and commissioning of the first phase of FTTH in Erdaogou Village, and has achieved full coverage of WIFI wireless networks. Villagers can choose the corresponding network services according to their own needs. The introduction of fiber-to-the-home, Tianyi 3G Internet mobile phones, and IPTV technology has provided villagers with high-speed, multi-terminal Internet access, enriched the information life of villagers in well-off villages, and effectively improved the quality of life of villagers.

At the villager Sun Ze's house, the family was sitting together watching TV. "In the past, watching TV at home only depended on satellite pots. The signal was unstable and there were not many channels. In the past two days, China Telecom staff installed fiber optic network and IPTV TV in my home. I also equipped a Tianyi 3G mobile phone. I can access the Internet in my free time. IPTV is so good, I really did n’t expect that the TV show three days ago was searched out. The series is no longer afraid that I wo n’t be able to watch it all the time. Watching a few episodes watching a few episodes saves money on DVD players and discs. "Sun Ze held the remote control in his hand and couldn't hide his excitement. He said that after opening the Internet TV, not only can see high-definition TV programs, but also video programs such as popular science caravans, party building education, etc., but also can connect to the call center of agriculture, rural areas and farmers to ask experts for problems encountered in agricultural production.

Li Zhanhua, a 57-year-old villager of Erdaogou Village, depends on more than ten acres of long jujube trees and bee-making honey. Recently, he applied for the installation of light-speed broadband to connect the optical fiber network directly to his home. "The village has not been connected to cable TV, and even TV is usually not worth watching." Li Zhanhua told reporters with a smile: "Now that the broadband is connected to the home, our farmers can also go online at home. In the future, my parents can sell jujube and honey. Find buyers directly online. "

"Optical fiber media can provide a maximum bandwidth of 100M. Optical fiber access allows villagers in Erdaogou Village to enjoy high-speed broadband network services earlier than urban residents." Said Xin Tong, deputy general manager of China Telecom Yinchuan Branch. At present, except for the villagers who are not working at home, the rest are equipped with 4M optical fiber broadband, using the Tianyi 3G smart phone, opening IPTV, becoming a veritable fiber-optic home "Ningxia First Village", and Sun Zejia is the village's optical fiber The first home.

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