BT to conduct 80Mbps FTTC broadband trial

Time: 2020/1/13 17:56:16     Author: 海凌科    Source:海凌科

BTOpenreach, the British Telecom's local telecommunications infrastructure department responsible for providing equal access to ISPs, confirmed that in its current FTTC technology trial, the access bandwidth is as high as 80Mbps, and commercial trials will begin in the pilot area on February 6, 2012.

This is one of the plans announced by British Telecom in May 2011. British Telecom plans to increase the spectrum configuration (from 7MHz to 17MHz) through the Access Network Spectrum Plan (ANFP), thereby increasing the FTTC downlink rate from 40Mbps (uplink rate 10-15Mbps) to 80Mbps (uplink rate 20Mbps).

FTTC means that the fiber is connected from the local telephone exchange to the nearest cabinet to the user. From the cabinet to the user, the VDSL2 access technology based on existing copper cables is still used.

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